Together towards greater heights

Manufacturer of robust and stable solutions for working comfortably at heights since 1984.

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A Frontrunner worldwide

Innovation is in our blood. We are constantly looking for ways to do things better, safer and higher – including providing expert support through our international service network.

Long life cycle

We use the best components from undisputed A-brand suppliers. Always and only. Result: the highest quality equipment and a noticeably longer service life.

Steady as a rock

Holland Lift is the only company in the world that makes narrow yet ultra-stable high-reach scissor lifts. Ideal for data and distribution centers, plus any other building with narrow aisles.

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Great lifting power

Together towards greater heights

Holland Lift was founded in 1984 out of the drive to build the best scissor lifts in the world. Thanks to creative engineering, more precise technical calculations, high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, Holland Lift towers head and shoulders above the competition.

Aerial work platforms by Holland Lift are renowned for their stability, versatility, safety and long service life. And we do everything we can to ensure these properties are available to anyone who works high above the ground. Whether that work involves restoring a painting, maintaining an aircraft or picking orders in the narrow aisles of a distribution centre, we ensure you can do your work quickly and safely and so get more out of your day.

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