Taking sustainability higher

High quality spells sustainability

Our scissor lifts are designed to be quality products. We only use high-quality components from the best A-brand suppliers, and we reject cheaper but ultimately inferior solutions. Buy a scissor lift from Holland Lift and you’re buying into a long service life. Scissor lifts that we sold 10, 15 or more years ago are, in most cases, still widely in use. That’s good news, because a long service life is not only good for your total cost of ownership, but also for the environment, because it reduces manufacturing-related raw material and energy requirements.

Care for people and the environment

Holland Lift is committed to caring for people and the environment. You not only see this in our product innovations, such as our hybrid-drive line, but also in the way we purchase and use materials, our efforts to green our facilities, to minimize our energy consumption and the way we treat people. We want to operate in the best way we can. For the here and now and for the future. As a partner of MVO Nederland, an organisation that promotes sustainable entrepreneurship, we endorse the CSR Manifesto.

Safety and ergonomics

People are central to the way we think and act. And not just the people who build our scissor lifts, but the people who work with them as well. Safety is a core value within our company. Our employees work in a safe environment on scissor lifts that meet all international safety requirements. We pay close attention to ergonomics, protective equipment and air quality, and we use high quality tools in line with clear guidelines.

Environment and circularity

We strive to create the smallest possible ecological footprint, something that begins with the selection of our raw materials and parts suppliers. Where possible, We use the most sustainable product available as our impact is determined by the entire chain, from the production of the steel to the application of the last coat of paint. We work to reduce our energy consumption during the production process and to cut our CO2 emission as much as we can. Waste is separated and recycled as much as possible.

All our safety, health and environment-related actions are benchmarked against, and set out in, our HSE policy.