Assembly and Repair mechanics / technicians

We are looking for assembly and repair mechanics to assemble aerial work platforms or pre-assemble parts of aerial work platforms. Following established procedures and instructions, you complete the assembly of various lifts independently and you are keen to increase your knowledge and skills.

In addition to working on and being responsible for your “own” lift, you are expected to assist colleagues and generally offer help where needed. Besides assembling lifts, you repair and maintain lifts that are already in service. You also ensure that the assembly status is always registered correctly in the system. You work on the basis of work instructions and drawings and, if necessary, identify deviations and shortcomings so that a process or other improvement can be implemented. Where necessary, you train other mechanics.

The role of mechanic requires a Dutch MBO+ educational level or equivalent. A Dutch technical MBO-4 level or equivalent qualification in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering or electrical engineering would be an advantage. You should have also followed relevant courses in hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical engineering and have at least 3-5 years of experience in a production environment, preferably in assembly. You also hold a VCA basic certificate and you are prepared to obtain an IPAF certificate and to follow other relevant education and training programmes. You have a good command of written and spoken Dutch, plus a good understanding English technical jargon.