Our Story

Born from the idea that things can always be improved

Enterprising engineers Gerrit de Gier and Martin Haak founded Holland Lift in 1984. Their careers had taught them all about the possibilities and defects of American scissor lifts. Now they thought it was high time to do better. Gerrit and Martin wanted to literally and figuratively elevate scissor-lift technology to a higher level, and so Holland Lift was founded, on a passion for creative engineering and the drive to innovate. That passion and drive never went away.

American, but better

Both Martin and Gerrit began their careers at technology companies. Martin at an engineering firm and Gerrit at a company that repaired cranes, among other equipment. Then they both began to work for themselves: Martin as an independent engineer and Gerrit in crane repair.

Through this, Martin came into contact with a company that imported American scissor lifts for sale in Europe. Scissor lifts were becoming more and more popular as a growing number of companies came to recognise the advantages they offer over scaffolding and ladders. Martin and Gerrit regularly worked together.

The American-made aerial work platforms had a lot of problems and were regular visitors to Gerrit’s repair company. And as Gerrit knew everything about repairing and building scissor lifts and mobile cranes, it seemed a logical step to go into business with Martin. They would set up a company to build scissor lifts. But better.

From A to Mercedes

The first scissor lift machines to be produced by Holland Lift were the A-series. These were stronger, stiffer and more stable than their American and German competitors. Leo van Ham, the engineer who performed the technical calculations and drew the lift called it the “Mercedes” of aerial work platforms. The difference in quality was the result of more precise calculations, smarter and better design and more accurate manufacturing.

The A-series had a four-armed scissor and a telescopic cylinder. The first model reached a height of 9.5 m, but just as demand for the A-series was growing, so too was the need for a greater working height. The last of the A-series could reach up to 20 m.

Although the A-series has been out of production for a long time, Holland Lift’s reputation for building the “Mercedes among aerial work platforms” lives on and remains the goal with each successive series.

Always looking to improve

Innovation has driven Holland Lift’s strong growth over the years. And not even because our customers ask for innovative solutions. It’s because engineers like Martin, Gerrit, Leo and their successors have continued to innovate enthusiastically. It’s what we do. From the outset, this led us to develop solutions that you only now see other companies starting to offer, such as electric and hybrid drive, two- and three-armed scissors and extendable work platforms.

This continuous drive for improvement has ensured that Holland Lift remains “the brand to beat”. Our scissor lifts have often been copied over the years, but, in the eyes of many, never equalled. Thanks to our innovative nature, customers with special needs regularly knock on our door. For example, the world’s only scissor lift with a rounded work platform can be found at the Panorama Mesdag Museum, home to the famous panorama painting of the beach at Scheveningen, the Netherlands. It’s a Holland Lift machine.

Shared passion

Today, Holland Lift is 100% owned by ProDelta, the family business that founded Hovago Cranes just after WWII. Both companies share a passion for quality, innovation and high-level work. Thanks to being part of ProDelta, Holland Lift can focus even more on designing, developing and building the best scissor lifts in the world. The “creative engineering” that Martin and Gerrit always intended.