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Scissor lifts for aircraft-related work, including platforms with fold-out floors and sensors for damage-free working.

Thanks to a maximum working height of 33.5 meters, our scissor lifts tower above the biggest aircraft. And with each part of the plane within easy reach, checks and repairs never take longer than absolutely necessary. The extendable platform also offers more space to work in than you get with most aerial work platforms with a telescopic or articulated arm. In addition, the carrying capacity of our scissor lifts is bigger and the platform is equipped with sensors, so that damage-free working becomes the standard.

For indoor and outdoor work

Holland Lift was the first to make hybrid scissor lifts. These combine an economical diesel engine for outdoor use with emission-free electric drive for indoors. Ideal when the job involves working both inside and out. Instead of hybrid power, you can also opt for all-electric drive as several of our fully electric models are also suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The maximum load and working height of our indoor/ outdoor machines is 1000 kg and up to 33.5 meters. Result: it doesn’t matter whether you need to work inside the hangar or outside at the pier. Both are just as easy.