Hollandlift distributiecentrum
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Our narrowest scissor lift is only 1.2 m wide and very maneuverable: ideal for narrow aisles between distribution center and warehouse racks.

The aisles in warehouses and distribution centers are typically quite narrow. So we've adapted our scissor lifts to fit. Our narrowest model is only 1.20 meters wide, exceptionally maneuverable and is ultra-stable up to its maximum working height of 22 meters. You want more reach? Our 1.40-meter-wide model gets you up to 33 meters high. We also have several models that measure 1.26 meters and 1.32 meters wide. All our narrow footprint models excel in stability and maneuverability.

Indoor scissor lifts

The zero emission of the all-electric scissor lift means it is the standard in distribution centers and warehouses and we equip our machines with mark-free tires. One thing to note: they need a flat floor capable of supporting their weight. In particular, it is important to check the load bearing capacity of the floor, although this is usually not an issue in distribution centers.