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Scissor lifts for installation work. Compact and maneuverable, exceptionally stable, long service life and wide applicability.

Scissor lifts are the ideal solution for installation work. To begin with, you don’t lose time erecting and dismantling scaffolding, and tools and materials simply go up on the platform. It is easy to vary your working height and do so precisely. Because the platform is extendable, you have more space to work in than you get with most aerial work platforms with a telescopic or articulated arm. And our scissor lifts can carry more.

For installation work outdoors

Thanks to levelling jacks, these lifts stand level and stable on every surface. All-wheel drive in combination with a pendulum axle or, if desired, tracks to spread the weight more widely, mean you can access almost any terrain. And with a maximum load capacity of up to 1000 kg and a maximum working height of up to 33.5 meters, the working envelope offers plenty of choice in terms of load capacity and working height.

For installation work indoors

Indoor scissor lifts are fully electric (no exhaust gases) and we equip our lifts with mark-free tires. One thing to note: they need a flat floor capable of supporting their total weight (machine plus maximum or planned load). The maximum working height is 33 meters and the maximum load is 600 kg. Want to go higher or heavier? Check out our scissor lifts that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

For indoor and outdoor work

Holland Lift was the first to make hybrid scissor lifts. These combine an economical diesel engine for outdoor use with emission-free electric drive for indoors. Ideal when the job involves working both inside and out. Instead of hybrid power, you can also opt for all-electric drive as several of our fully electric models are also suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The maximum load and working height of our indoor/ outdoor machines is 1000 kg and up to 33.5 meters.