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Scissor lifts for work on and around railroad tracks and railway lines, including rough terrain. Exceptional stability and a long service life.

Enjoy the benefits of using a scissor lift to work on a railroad or railway line, plus in and around the train depot. It’s all possible with our specially equipped scissor lifts for use on rails and roads. The extendable platform ensures you have more space to work in than you get with most aerial work platforms with a telescopic or articulated arm. Plus our scissor lifts can carry more.

For work outside

Our outdoor scissor lifts with electric drive or diesel engines are particularly popular for working on and around railroad and railway tracks. Thanks to levelling jacks, these lifts stand level and stable on every surface. All-wheel drive in combination with a pendulum axle or, if desired, tracks to spread the weight more widely, mean you can access almost any terrain. And with a maximum load capacity of up to 1000 kg and a maximum working height of up to 33.5 meters, the working envelope offers plenty of choice in terms of load capacity and working height.

For work in tunnels

Holland Lift was the first to make hybrid scissor lifts. These combine an economical diesel engine for outdoor use with emission-free electric drive for indoors. This makes them ideal for carrying out work in tunnels – just as our all-electric models are. The maximum load and working height of these scissor lifts is 1000 kg and up to 33.5 meters.