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At Holland Lift, we design and build our scissor lifts entirely in-house, and our engineers are happy to customize them to your needs.

Sometimes you need to go further than simply ensuring you have a stable platform in the air. Maybe you have a specific task or special location in mind. That’s why we offer custom-made solutions.

Restorers on rails

For example, to maintain the Panorama Mesdag Museum, a life-size 360-degree painting of the Dutch beach town of Scheveningen, we developed an electrically driven scissor lift. We placed it on rails and designed a rounded-off work platform. This enables the restorers to safely reach every millimeter of the painting without risking damaging it. The unprecedented stability of our scissor lifts provides a reliable platform for the most delicate restorations.

In-house innovation

Do you have special needs or requirements? Our engineers love delivering sophisticated custom solutions involving non-standard heights, other forms of drive or a combination of existing technologies. And because we design and manufacture entirely in-house, we are free to develop and apply the latest innovations. This way we ensure that your scissor lift meets your desired specifications. Totally.