The highest level of service

You and your your customers need to know that you can depend on our machines. Although unlikely, should a problem occur, you can be confident that our own service department, Holland Lift Services, has trained engineers and original parts ready to be dispatched to carry out on-site repairs.

Service around the world

In Germany, we have our own service organization: Servi-Tec GmbH. In the rest of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, our dealers are fully equipped to provide the necessary technical support.

  • Our service department is on stand-by to assist you; guaranteeing safety, quality and efficiency around the world.
  • Our strong dealer network and parts support ensure that any problem is solved quickly and reliably, and that you can resume your operations with the minimum of delay.
  • We can arrange repair and overhaul services with or without a maintenance contract.

Repair and maintenance training

We also offer our clients training to maintain our lifts so that your own technical department will be able to keep your Holland Lift machines in perfect condition.

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The highest level of service

The highest level of service