Always the perfect solution

Every business has its own specific applications and requirements. In many cases, one of our standard scissor lifts, possibly equipped with one or more special options, will be your perfect solution. But it could be that you need a customized solution. We offer both so that whatever you choose, our aerial work platforms will do what you need. With an unrivalled working outreach and unmatched stability, our lifts are always perfectly matched to your day-to-day operations, creating a true commercial advantage for you.

Invest in innovation

  • We consistently take the lead in introducing innovations that will increase the efficiency of your work.
  • We study your situation to find the best possible solution. As well as standard equipment, we also offer scissor lifts that are fully tailored to your needs through various options and customized design.

Holland Lift - your assurance of a good product

We design and manufacture all of our aerial work platforms in our own facility, so ensuring that they will support your future needs. This gives you the assurance that your scissor lift will be robust and reliable throughout its life, even under the most extreme conditions, and that it is safe and tested to the highest standards.

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Always the perfect solution

Always the perfect solution

Always the perfect solution