Holland Lift again takes the lead in making scissor lifts greener.

Back in 2015, Holland Lift was the first scissor lift manufacturer to introduce a new line of greener, hybrid machines. Now, five years on, we’re proud to contribute to a greener environment with the launch of machines that meet the just introduced EU Stage V emission regulations for non-road diesel engines:

 Model                                           working height                max platform load

HL-190 D 25       42 KW                   18.80 m                                750 kg

HL-220 D 25       42 KW                   21.90 m                                 750 kg

HL-235 D 25       42 KW                   23.20 m                               1000 kg               

HL-275 D 25       55 KW                   27.50 m                               1000 kg

HL-340 D 30       55 KW                   33.70 m                               1000 kg

 The rapid introduction of the new range underlines our commitment to cleaner and healthier working. The machines feature a diesel oxidation catalyst combined with a soot filter. The catalyst converts the hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides into harmless substances, while the filter captures 98% of the particles that would otherwise be emitted by a conventional diesel engine . The engine itself is compact yet easily accessible for service.


These clean machines meet the strictest environmental regulations worldwide. This means they can be used anywhere and their minimal emissions means they will be particularly welcomed in highly sensitive environments, such as urban areas and environmental zones.

The first models in the new generation have been delivered to the first customers. With their arrival, owners and users are heading towards a bright future.

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