HL-190 H20

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Lifting capacity

Up to

550 kg (2 pers. + 390 kg)

Working height

Up to

19 m

Platform dimensions

6,07 m × 1,85 m

The machine to end all machines, with both diesel and electric power. This lift is a good choice when there is no electrical infrastructure, or when work is first carried out outdoors and then indoors. Equipped with outriggers, four-wheel drive and an oscillating axle for full outdoor use and driving on non-paved surfaces.

Sales and information

+31 229 285555

Why this HollandLift aerial platform

Hybrid: ultimate versatility

The combination of diesel and electric propulsion makes this model suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Complete with safety features

Standard equipped with descent safety, flashing beacons, drive alarm and emergency descent.

Rough terrain

Its high-performance four-wheel drive, oscillating axle and levelling jacks mean this model can handle almost any type of terrain