HL-220 E12

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Lifting capacity

Up to

500 kg

Working height

Up to

22 m

Platform dimensions

4,88 x 1,16 m

HL-220 E12 This machine with a 500 kg load capacity is ultra-compact and very manoeuvrable thanks to its limited dimensions. If you have narrow aisles in your building, the HL-220 E12 is just the machine for you.

Sales and information

+31 229 285555

Why this HollandLift aerial platform

Very slim model

Only 1.2 m wide and 3.7 m long, this electric scissor lift is ideal for narrow indoor aisles between racks.

Complete with safety features

Standard equipped with scissor skirt, descent safety, drive alarm and emergency descent.

Remarkably nimble

The limited width and tight turning radius make for a remarkably manoeuvrable indoor scissor lift.