We offer repairs and upgrades on-site where possible, so that your scissor lift is never out of service for long.

Parts or mechanic on site

Through our international network, we can deliver most parts next day. Our own technicians offer technical support throughout the Netherlands, while in Germany our service organization, Servi-Tec GmbH, provides this. Our dealers in the rest of Europe, Asia and the Middle East take care of repair work on site.


To be honest, a long service life has its downsides as well. Buy a new scissor lift and you benefit from the latest technological developments. But what if your existing Holland Lift machine still functions perfectly? Generally, it is a waste to buy a new one just to get a particular new technology or a bigger capacity battery, for example. So why not upgrade your scissor lift to the same specification as our newest models? Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

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